Why subscribe to a Sales 24/7 plan from GS Marketing Group?

1: Sales 24/7 is simple.

Sales 24/7 is a program designed exclusively to build up your YouTube channel around the promotion of your products or services. With a focused, sales-oriented approach to video production, all content targets the same goal: your bottom line. It’s meant to be simple for your audience, too, with a straightforward, informative series of presentations.

2: Sales 24/7 is effective.

We create concise product or service description videos, and complement them with search-friendly meta-information. Thanks to the power of YouTube, the second-largest search engine, Sales 24/7 delivers an online salesperson to your prospects and customers, on-demand, on any connected device.

3: Sales 24/7 is a planned approach.

Before creating any new videos, the Sales 24/7 team at GS Marketing Group develops a content calendar for the length of your subscription. We then deliver, on average, six finished minutes of video each month. That typically equates to three or four new videos per month.

4: Sales 24/7 handles it all.

When you subscribe to Sales 24/7, we will assign you a project manager who takes the time to learn about what you offer your customers. In time, we plan, write, produce and publish a set of videos that introduce your products or services to your audience.

5: Sales 24/7 is affordable.

Sales 24/7 is a program designed to keep video production cost down as we develop knowledge of your products over the length of the subscription term. Our goal is to make your YouTube channel one of the most cost-effective marketing and sales channels you have. See our pricing page for additional information.