Content-first Design, Mobile-first Layout

Your website is your digital lobby, where prospects and customers, alike, will go to learn (more) about your company. So we begin the design phase by getting to know you and your company. Then we develop what we learned into a theme that reflects your brand, with a focus on your message.

Because more than half of worldwide website traffic now is from visitors using a mobile device, we then translate the design into an adaptable layout. As of the second quarter 2018, the share in the U.S. was somewhat lower, at about 41 percent, but still significant. Do you know the percentage for your own website? (If not, we can help you with that.)

One website, multiple devices

We have designed and built mobile-friendly websites and micro-sites for about the last decade, with an emphasis on responsive layout since 2014. Responsive page layout adapts to fit the user’s screen—not simply by shrinking the content to fit the screen width but by rearranging and resizing, as needed. The result is a more readable, usable website, without the need to maintain separate versions for mobile vs. desktop visitors. (mobile)
Lakeview Construction of Pleasant Prairie, WI (mobile)

Your website already may be mobile-friendly if you have built or rebuilt it in the last four to five years. Google has driven the change with preferential treatment of websites that accommodate mobile device screens when they present search results. In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) came to include offering a mobile-friendly user experience to website visitors.

Lakeview Construction of Pleasant Prairie, WI
Lakeview Construction of Pleasant Prairie, WI

Platform for video

While our Sales 24/7 product-video program directly creates content for your YouTube channel, each video has the potential to add value to your website. Further, the place where you have the most to say about how your video is presented is on your own website.

RealWheels Corporation of Gurnee, IL
RealWheels Corporation of Gurnee, IL

Next Steps

For information about getting started on a website project with GS Marketing Group, please visit our Help Center or make an inquiry.