In 2003, the U.S. introduced legislation to regulate commercial email sent with advertising or otherwise promotional content. Two main points of the act are that the recipient must be given a clear means of unsubscribing (opt out) and the sender must be clearly identified (no vague or misleading “From” information and inclusion of the sender’s physical address). Since then, Canada enacted CASL and the E.U. created GDPR. Both of those require that senders get permission before distributing commercial email (opt-in) to recipients in their respective jurisdictions. And yes, even businesses in the U.S. are bound by CASL and GDPR if they send email to people in Canada and the E.U.

So… what good is email marketing, if getting into inboxes is getting more difficult? Well, consider that Campaign Monitor reported a 44:1 ROI ratio for email marketing in 2015. That is, marketers were averaging $44 in sales for every $1 spent on email marketing. As the saying goes, your mileage may vary. However, with careful list building and relevant messaging, you could see better results via email than in any other channel.

List management

We work with email service providers who make opt-in and opt-out processing easy—for the recipient and for the sender. Whether someone subscribes to your email marketing from your website, landing page, or other source, the provider makes a record of consent at opt-in confirmation. The provider also automatically and immediately handles opt-out requests when a recipient clicks the link included at the bottom of each email marketing message.

If you have yet to open an account with an email service provider, we recommend MailChimp and can help you with the sign-up process. Grant us administrative access to your account, and we will create and manage your list (or lists) for you. MailChimp offers easy means of connecting an email marketing list to your website, and we can make it even easier.

Design and Layout

Your message is the focus of each email campaign. For help with crafting an effective campaign, get us involved in planning, writing, editing, designing, laying out, or testing—or some combination thereof.

As in the case of websites and landing pages, we design email marketing campaign messages with responsive layout in mind. The aforementioned Campaign Monitor report claimed 68% of emails were opened on mobile devices in 2016. Others have noted an increase in mobile-first opens—where recipients would screen their messages on their smartphones, then revisit on a laptop or desktop.

Announce your new Sales 24/7™ videos to your email subscribers—people who already have shown an interest in what you offer.

Next Steps

For information about getting started on an email marketing project with GS Marketing Group, please visit our Help Center or make an inquiry.