If your company is a member of a trade association (or you are a member of a professional association), you may have subscribed to newsletter and “trusted partner” emails they send to their list. Such an email marketing list is an opportune source for prospecting to bolster your own email list and sales funnel.

Consider a compelling offer you can make to fellow members of the association. It need not involve issuing a special (discounted) price but, rather, explaining the value of your product or service. The list owner may have segmented members by various criteria that would help identify those who would benefit most from your offer. If so, use that targeting to increase the likelihood recipients will open and click.

Then don’t waste the click simply by dropping the association member-subscriber onto your website’s home page. Set up a landing page specific to that offer and that association. Let your visitor know you have the association in common. Focus on the offer and lead to a clear call to action—signing up for your own email marketing list.

When planning the promotion, ask if the association list manager is willing and able to have the link to your landing page pass the member-subscriber’s first name in the link to your landing page. Don’t ask for too much personal information, too soon. A first name will allow you to greet your visitor by name, further customizing and familiarizing the experience. (Of course, this means your landing page will need to be dynamic, and be able to accept the name so it can be displayed onscreen.)

Related Applications

The same strategy can be applied to campaigning through trade publications or event coordinators. If you present, exhibit or otherwise participate in a trade show, choose a sponsorship package that allows you to market to their list. Promote your company pre-show to optimize your audience. Follow up after the show to reach potential new customers who may have missed you amid the busy event schedule.

Next Steps

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