Intro to Sales 24/7

We’ve launched Sales 24/7 as a subscription-based program to develop and enhance your YouTube channel with a series of simple, effective product information videos. Drive up attention and interest in your product line, and drive sales to affect your bottom line. GS Marketing Group has […]

Getting Started with Sales 24/7

Whichever subscription plan you choose, we start by evaluating your current YouTube channel. If you don’t yet have a channel (or account) for your company, we’ll help you get it set up and branded. From there, we’ll develop a content calendar for the duration of […]

Pricing for Sales 24/7

Sales 24/7 is available as a 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription, one of which should meet your needs and your budget. As our product knowledge increases over time, script writing and video production will become more efficient. Thus, the longer the subscription term, the lower […]