Give Info, Get Info

While any page a visitor sees first on clicking a search ad or an email link fits a broader definition of landing page, you’re likely to get a better response when you focus the visitor’s attention on a single purpose. This purpose is a call to action, and may be an email subscription, a purchase, an event registration, an inquiry, etc. Another good, descriptive term would be a leading page, as the purpose is to inform visitors, then lead them to give you information or to make a purchase.


Whether or not we’re involved in other aspects of your campaign, we will work with you to organize and optimize the content for your landing page. For the sake of consistency and continuity, we will repeat design and messaging cues from the ad or other campaign creative.

Boo at the Zoo contest entry page
Contest entry for a campaign coordinated by USADATA

Call to Action

The most common goal for a landing page is to get the visitor to complete a form. We recommend keeping the form short and simple, as conversion rate typically is inversely proportional to the number of form fields. We will work with you to strike a balance between what information you need and what visitors may be willing to provide.

Form data will need to go somewhere so you can use it. If you have a customer relationship management (CRM) system or email service provider, that vendor likely offers a programming interface (API) to feed data. Often, we’ve worked with MailChimp, to add subscribers to a client’s list. We also have our own proprietary database, to which you can be granted access and from which you can download your data. Want email or Slack notifications of form conversions? We can send those, too.

Want to use a campaign-specific domain? We can register that and host it with the landing page on your behalf. We install domain-validation SSL certificates free of charge, for security of the form data. (But no, we still won’t add a field for Social Security Number or other sensitive information.)

Next Steps

For information about getting started on a campaign landing page project with GS Marketing Group, please visit our Help Center or make an inquiry.